Grave Encounters 2
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Movies: Grave Encounters 2 Director: John Poliquin Cast: Richard Harmon, Sean Rogerson, Leanne Lapp, Stephanie Bennett, Dylan Playfair, Howie Lai, Shawn C. Phillips, Meeshelle Neal, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Production Co: Death Awaits Cinema Genres: Horror Total: Runtime: 100 min Country: Canada | United States Release Date: 2012 

Storyline: For people who don't believe the events of Grave Encounters.Grave Encounters, film student Alex Wright is out to prove them wrong. Alex is as obsessed with the first film as the 20 million people who viewed its viral trailer on YouTube. While he and his friends research the events and visit the real psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film, they find themselves face-to-face with unspeakable evil, banking on the hope that their knowledge of the original film will help them survive the sequel...

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